Resources were the most important commodities Highland Mexico had to sustain its growing number of societies rising up in this area. This is why I believe that agriculture would be the best platform to talk about the formation of civilizations. We could find connections between the advancements of agriculture in this region with the advancements of complex society in highland Mexico.

This is an article on the beginnings of agriculture all the way up to maize in mesoamerica.

Module 10

The introduction of agriculture into Highland Mexico has been the reason why many anthropologists believe Aztec civilization grew to the magnitude that it did. Even though archaeologists are almost certain of this the origins of Maize or corn is still widely debated. At the front of the stage of this debate is the wild plant, teosinte, this is rumored to be the parentage of maize. The origins of teosinte are traced to the Oaxaca region along the Oaxaca river.
The Evolution of Maize

The oldest maize cobs are over 6000 years old and are from the rockshelters in the Valleys of Tehuacan and Oaxaca in southern Mexico (Benz 2001; Flannery 1986; MacNeish 2001;MacNeish and Eubanks 2000; Mangelsdorf, MackNiesh and Galinat 1964, 1967a; Piperno and Flannery 2001). Around this time its hard to say what the political organization, if there was one, was or how the people where sustaining themselves prior to maize agriculture but Anthropologists suggest a more pasive form of cultivation along with picking fruit and fishing. It is in my opinion that with the small cultivation fields highland mexicans noticed the importance and sustainablity of the plan. Also, its adaptability to indigenous spirituality and later into state religion shows that there might have been a simultaneous evolution of both Highland Mexico civilization and maize.